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Timmdek wood composite decking is the pinnacle of eco-engineering. Not only does Timmdek invigorate and beautify your home’s exterior — it’s durable and low maintenance, while being completely eco-friendly. 
At Timmdek, we’ve built our business on a foundation of customer trust and superior products. We believe in putting our best foot forward with every single decking product we produce. Timmdek was created as an answer to subpar decking products and a helpful solution to a growing environmental problem — Waste. We continue to strive for excellence as our research and development progresses.
We believe there is no decking material that will last longer, and look better, than Timmdek.




  1. Regardless of which of our ranges you choose, rest assured the product is warrantied against the natural pit falls that timber experiences
  2. In the past, composite material has generally been more expensive than traditional hardwood decking. Due to the tremendous developments in the manufacturing process, we have managed to maintain the price of our composite material whereas hardwood timber prices have risen exponentially.
  3. With the developments in technology, we are also now in a position to offer you a sustainable product that looks as natural as can be. A natural looking deck with little maintenance? Yes, it is true.
  4. We have a wide variety of finishes and colours available to suit any preference. Be it a natural faded grey, a warm dark timber colour, there is a board for all different designs and requirements.
  5. At Timmdek we offer unrivalled product knowledge and customer service. With its members having over a decade of experience in the composite industry, we are well positioned to offer the best advice in the field. This coupled with our customer focused approach will result in many enjoyable hours spent in your newly created outdoor living environment.


The beauty of Timmdek is in its unique combination of materials. The core of each Timmdek board is made of 95% recycled materials. We care about our environment, and we know you do too.
That’s why we use recycled plastic and recycled/reclaimed wood, both incredibly durable and resilient materials. This renders your decking impervious to weather, scratches, nicks, dents, and damage!


At Timmdek, we know our products are built to last. That’s why each one of our composite decking technologies comes with a limited warranty.
Products that are installed according to our product specification andInstallation Guidelines are covered under our warranty, specifics can be located at



Timmdek was founded by a passionate team that has always believed in finding big solutions to big problems. That’s why we created our environmentally conscious line of decking.
For an eco-friendly solution to be undeniable, not only does it have to help the environment—but it’s got to be BETTER than any other product on the market. That’s exactly what Timmdek is. There is NO OTHER material, whether natural or artificial, that has the aesthetic and the quality of our products.


Not a single tree must be felled to create your deck. There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re helping preserve our environment, and combating deforestation.

low Maintenance –
Once your project is built, there is no work left to be done. Very little maintenance is required to keep your deck looking brand new for years to come.

No Chemical Treatments –
Wood rots, and often becomes food for insects. When that wood is your deck, you’ve got to treat it with harsh chemicals that are both bad for you—and for our environment. With Timmdek, there are no chemicals required to maintain your deck.

Timmdek products come in a variety of impressive and gorgeous colours. Picking a colour for your Timmdek is an important step of the process! Remember, your deck will likely be with you for a VERY long time—make sure you pick a colour that you’ll be happy with for decades!
Each colour is stain, scratch, and wear resistant—so there are no bad choices! All colours can compliment your home beautifully.

Imagine a building material imbued with the majesty and beauty of the high-elevation forests. Now imagine you can build the project of your dreams, with the richest and most durable decking—without ever having to fell a single tree. This is the power of the Rockies.

Our world is colourful. In fact, the subtleties of two colours blending almost seamlessly to create a harmonious and elegant appearance, is part of what makes a beautiful work of art. Alps is our dual-tone decking system that brings life to any space.

Modern, sophisticated, and beautiful. Andes uses the same incredible tech as our Alps line, but with only a single gorgeous colour.


Submit plans or drawings available

Should you have a project where our decking, cladding, screen or pergola could be used as a the better, more sustainable alternative to wood and you have plans or drawings available, please upload them here.


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